LP PHY PR41573

  1. Create an LP PHY table
  2. Allocate and clear 0x400 bytes - this is for the table data
  3. Read PHY Register 0x4A4, AND with 0xE000 and save as tx_pwr_ctrl

  4. Copy Transmit power index override to local u8

  5. Save TSSI npt

  6. Save TSSI index

  7. If PHY revision < 2

    1. Set the table ID to 10
  8. Otherwise
    1. Set the table ID to 7
  9. Set the table width to 32, the table length to 256, the table offset to 0x140, and the table data pointer to the space obtained in step 2
  10. Read an LP PHY table

  11. Call PHY Reset with the SB hardware struct as argument

  12. Call LP PHY Baseband Init

  13. Call TX Power Control Init

  14. Call Switch Radio with argument 1

  15. Call TX power control with argument 0

  16. Write an LP PHY table

  17. Call Write PHY Channel Reg with radio chanspec as argument

  18. Restore TSSI npt

  19. Restore TSSI index

  20. Call LP PHY TX Filter Init

  21. Restore Transmit power index override

  22. If local copy of Transmit power index override not equal to -1

    1. Call LP PHY Set TX Power by Index with tx_power_idx_override as the argument

  23. If RC cap not equal to 0

    1. Call Set RC cap with RC cap as the argument

  24. Call PHY Antenna RX Diversity Update

  25. Call Set TX Power with tx_pwr_ctrl as the argument

  26. Free the table data space

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