LP PHY Set RC Cap (u8 rc_cap)

  1. Bitwise mask the parameter "rc_cap" with 0x1F, right shift by 1, and save as "tmp"
  2. Write the maximum of 0x80 and (rc_cap - 4) to Radio Register 0x3A

  3. If the PHY rev is 1
    1. If the current channel equals 14
      1. Set wide to japan_wide_filter (probably 1)

    2. Otherwise
      1. Set wide to 0
    3. If wide is zero
      1. Add 5 to tmp
      2. Set tmp to the minimum of 0XF and tmp
  4. Or tmp with 0x80 and write that value to Radio Register 0x4F

  5. Calculate rc_cap ANDed with 0x1f, right shifted by 2 and ORed with 0x80. Write that value to Radio Register 0x4067

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