Specification for Gigabit mac core

The GPL source package of the Asus RT-AC66U contains the source code of a driver very similar to the one this spec is based on under a permissive license.

This core is found on all Broadcom SoCs supported by bcma like the BCM4716, BCM5357, BCM4706 and probably more.

The core's id is 0x82d on all SoCs except on the BCM4706, where the id is 0x52d.

The BCM4706 also has a second core (gmac common) with id 0x5dc on this special SoC. This second common core provides some extra registers needed on the BCM4706 SoC, but it also provides on gigabit Ethernet controller like on all other SoCs.

The Ethernet controller has 4 TX queues and 1 RX queue



It does not have a Content-Addressable Memory (cam), so the multicast filtering has to be done in software.


Core Code

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