1. If the PHY revision is 6 or greater
    1. If this is an A PHY
      1. Clear bit 0x1000 in PHY Register 0x1B

    2. If Encore is available

      1. Set bit 0x10 in the Encore Register

    3. Otherwise,
      1. Clear bits 0x1010 in the Encore Register

  2. Setup the A PHY

  3. If this is an A PHY
    1. Enable DCFC

    2. Disable Automatic Gain Correction

    3. Enable CRS0

    4. Perform a 2060 Radio Init

    5. If the Board Vendor is Broadcom and the Board Type is an 0x40A or a 0x416
      1. Do nothing
    6. Otherwise
      1. If we have not measured the TX VOS yet

        1. Perform an A PHY Local Oscillator Calibration

        2. Set the TX IQ Based on TX VOS

      2. Otherwise
        1. Write the saved TX VOS value to Radio Register 0x1E

    7. If the PHY Revision is 3 or greater
      1. Enable WW

    8. If Power Control hasn't been initialized yet
      1. Initialize A PHY Power Control

    9. Enable / Disable Radar Detection as needed

  4. If this is a G PHY and the BFL_PACTRL flag is set in the Board Flags

    1. MaskSet PHY Register 0x46E with mask 0xE000 and set with 0x3CF

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