This page details the required initialisation sequence of the device after a resume or after attaching.

  1. turn on crystal
  2. initialize power control registers on Backplane

  3. force fast clock
  4. configure PCI/PCI-E core if applicable
  5. disable bluetooth coexistance GPIOs

  6. check for rfkill state and if set turn off crystal
  7. make each band operational:

  8. switch to and activate desired band
  9. enable the MAC
  10. enable dynamic clock control
  11. if 802.11 core rev > 4

    1. Call Clock Control Fast Powerup Delay and save result in fast_pwrup_delay

    2. Write fast_pwrup_delay to MMIO offset 0x6A8

  12. for G PHY, set wideband frequency tracking as desired
  13. turn on interrupts

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