/!\ These specs are based on the 4.xx series of drivers for the bcm43xx chipset by Broadcom. These specs support all A PHY, G PHY, and LP PHY cards. Specs for N PHY and SSLPN PHY cards are in progress. For BPHY Specs, please see the v3 specs at http://bcm-specs.sipsolutions.net.

This wiki also contains the specs for a Gigabit MAC Core Ethernet device at MAC GBIT.

Note that these specs are still incomplete. Some information may only be available in the older specs document. Please let us know if you see something missing from these specs but present in the old specs document.

We, the reverse engineers, would like to point out that to the best of our knowledge the b43 driver is clean. We would also like to note that we contacted Jon Simola at the end of December 2006 and offered to help clarify any questions on these specifications. Some people have now claimed that it was impossible to write a driver from just the specs and the bcm43xx source code was required, but we are sure this is not true, especially if you ask questions.

ReverseEngineeringProcess describes how we created this specification, the rest of the site is simply that, the specification.

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