Writing to Template/FIFO Ram

The Template Ram is 32KB in size and is accessed by writing the offset to the Transmit Template Control Register, 0x0130, then writing the data to the Transmit Template Data Register, 0x0134. Note that if the Big Endian bit is set in the MAC Control Register you must ensure that the data is written in big endian format (or little endian if the bit is not set).

Template/FIFO Ram Layout



0x0000 - 0x05FF

template for ACK (0x0000), beacons and probe response (0x0068, 0x0268, 0x0468)

0x0600 - 0x0EFF

TX FIFO number 0, size is 0x0900

0x0F00 - 0x1BFF

TX FIFO number 1, size is 0x0D00

0x1C00 - 0x25FF

TX FIFO number 2, size is 0x0A00

0x2600 - 0x2DFF

TX FIFO number 3, size is 0x0800

0x2E00 - 0x3AFF

TX FIFO number 4, size is 0x0D00

0x3B00 - 0x3BFF

TX FIFO number 5, size is 0x0100

0x3C00 - 0x43FF

unknown but modifiable

0x4400 - 0x7FFF

unknown but fixed, not modifiable

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