LP PHY TX Power Update Npt

  1. Read shared memory location 0xE0 and save in (u16) s3
  2. Subtract the private variable lpphy_tssi_tx_cnt from s3 and save in (u16) tx_cnt
  3. Read PHY Register 0x4A5, bitwise AND with 0x700, right shift by 8, and save in (u16) npt

  4. Left shift 1 by (npt ANDed with 0x1f)
  5. If the quantity calculated in the previous step is less then tx_cnt
    1. Store s3 in the private variable lpphy_tss_tx_cnt
    2. If npt < 7

      1. Increment npt
      2. MaskSet PHY Register 0x4A5 with mask 0xF8FF and set with (npt << 8)

    3. Store npt in the private variable lpphy_tssi_npt
    4. Read PHY Register 0x4AB, bitwise AND with 0x7F00, right shift the result by 8, and store the result in the private variable lpphy_tssi_idx

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