PHY Set Channel Spec for LP PHY(u16 chanspec)

  1. Bitwise mask chanspec with 0xFF to get channel
  2. Set a variable cur_channel to 0
  3. Write the chanspec to the private variable radio_chanspec
  4. If radio is a 0x2063
    1. Tune 2063 Radio to the channel

  5. Otherwise
    1. Tune 2062 Radio to the channel

  6. Call LP PHY TX Filter Init

  7. Convert the channel number to frequency (MHz) and use as argument to LP PHY Adjust Gain Tables

  8. Save the channel in cur_channel and in the private variable radio_code
  9. If the channel is for 5 GHz
    1. Bitwise OR cur_channel with 0x0100
  10. Write cur_channel to Shared Memory address 0xA0
  11. Call PHY Channel Register with channel as the argument

  12. Set the private variable phy_forcecal to TRUE to force a calibration

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