Use the auto-increment function of the OFDM Tables to write all of the data

  1. Write 0 through 63 to OFDM Table 10, offsets 0 through 63, respectively

It is possible that revision 2 A PHYs need this instead, but I'm not exactly sure, different driver versions seem to do different things here.

  1. Write 8 through 15 to OFDM Table 0x10, offsets 0 through 7, respectively

  2. Write 0 through 7 to OFDM Table 0x10, offsets 8 through 15, respectively


Driver, which does not handle PHY revisions 0 or 1, does the following: (I think this is the same as part II above)

A PHY RSSI Lookup Table Workaround

  1. If radioid not equal to 0xE4F5

    1. Write 0x4000 to PHY Register 0x72

    2. Write 0x73 to Core Register 0x3FC
    3. Loop 16 times
      1. Write the (loop index + 8) & 0x0F to Core Register 0x3FE

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