1. Write 0xF111 to PHY Register 0x7A

  2. If we have not yet calculated the Idle TSSI values (on init/reset)
    1. Backup the current channel
    2. Backup OFDM Table 0xC offset 1

    3. If the Analog Revision is 1
      1. MaskSet OFDM Table 0xC, offset 1 with mask 0xFF87 and set with 0x58

    4. Otherwise
      1. MaskSet OFDM Table 0xC, offset 1 with mask 0xFFC3 and set with 0x2C

    5. Loop 3 times using channels 200, 64 and 157 respectively
      1. Set the channel with the channel indicated by the loop
      2. Write 0 to Radio Register 0x19

      3. Write 0x20 to Radio Register 0x17

      4. Do an ODFM Dummy Transmission

      5. Save the value of PHY Register 0x7B, this is the Idle TSSI for this channel

    6. Restore the original channel
    7. Restore OFDM Table 0xC, offset 1

    8. If Hardware Power Control isn't available

      1. Set the TX Power for TX Power Index 0x18 and Disabling the TX Power Override

    9. Otherwise
      1. Generate the TSSI Tables
  3. If Hardware Power Control is available

    1. Perform a Hardware Power Control Init

  4. Clear the TSSI values in SHM

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