expected FIFO sizes

FIFO sizes are always given in blocks of 256 bytes, below as well as in the SHM registers.

FIFO addresses

FIFOs start at 6 blocks into the core's address space.

revision 4 and below

The first 5 FIFOs are 15, the 6th 2 blocks by default, this makes a total of 92 blocks. But this is probably wrong since only FIFO 0 and 2 are used...

revision 5 through 8

The FIFOs are 9, 13, 10, 8, 13 and 1 blocks by default, a total of 54 blocks.

revision 9 and up (to 11)

The FIFOs are 10, 14, 11, 9, 14 and 2 blocks by default, a total of 60 blocks.

revision 9 and 10 fixup

802.11 cores with revisions 9 and 10 have larger FIFO sizes, but run with the same microcode as revision 5 and higher, hence the microcode is unaware of the larger FIFOs. This shouldn't hurt, but can be fixed up as follows. The fixup is only possible on rev 9 and higher.

For each FIFO:

  1. reset FIFO (write 1<<15 into the Transmit FIFO Command register) ORed with the FIFO number shifted up by 8

  2. write FIFO definition word to the Transmit FIFO Def register
  3. reset FIFO again

Also, you need to update the SHM TX FIFO Size values!

The FIFO definition word is defined as follows:




last block of FIFO


first block of FIFO

Note that you have a total of 60 blocks and can allocate them as you wish, see above for the defaults.

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